rules to live by, distilled

I've written before about the rules I live by. This year, after thinking about it a little more, I realized that most of my rules around power dynamics boil down to an essential one:

Whoever holds the power should be making the accommodations.

In any a given situation between two parties, the party holding more power should be expected to yield some amount of that power to make the balance between the two parties more equitable. This doesn't just mean tangible power, like money or resources; this includes the expectation that the less powerful party should not be penalized for demanding more resources, and that the more powerful party should be graceful in conceding them.

Any considerations or challenges would largely revolve around the perception of each party's power. For example, one party can be weak on its own in relation to the other, but it might be backed by powerful outside interests or social norms. My main interest would be in distilling each of those connections into a one-on-one power relationship and examining whether any opposition is, at its root, defending the most powerless.